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What's new 

What's new

6 February 2017 - Resources page updated for the new Standards of Lending Practice from the Lending Standards Board which has replaced the Lending Code, also the Consumer Credit Sourcebook Chapter 8 Debt Advice from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which governs how debt advice is to be provided.

11 January 2016 - The court fee remission service has been redesigned, and is now called help with fees. As part of the redesign, there is a new paper form and guidance which uses plain English and is much easier to understand and fill out.
New Form EX 160 - Help with Court Fees - Application
and Form EX 160a - Help with Court Fees - Guidance
on the Resources page

21 December 2015 - updated Lending Code and the Government's Guide to Bankruptcy on the Resources page

26 October 2015 - The Insolvency Service have produced a new single online guide called Guide to Bankruptcy. It replaces various other guides and consolidates their content in one place, and it answers many of the common questions that people ask. A downloadable version has also been added to Resources page.

20 October 2015 - Don't get fined for not having a TV Licence! added to Saving Money page.

12 May 2015 - updated DRO Checklist for Advisers and updated Non-dependant Deductions for 2015/16 added on the Resources page

25 March 2015 - updated DRO Checklist for Advisers added to the Resources page

26 January 2015 - Debt & Mental Health Evidence Form (DMHEF) Guidance Notes,
Factsheet for GPs and other Primary Care Professionals and
updated DRO Checklist for Advisers added to the Resources page.

From the Archives -

December 2014 - Debt & Mental Health Evidence Form (DMHEF) and Consent Form added to the Resources page.

October 2014 - link to 'Practical guide to better budgeting from Sainsbury's Bank added to Saving Money page; Credit Reports section added to the Resources page, and Noddle Free online credit report website added to the Links page

April 2014 - new CFS spreadsheet Advisers' version (updated Trigger Figures), updated Non-dependant Deductions for 2014/15, updated Living Expenses Guide and JSA Hardship Payment Form JSA10 added on the Resources page

March 2014 - downloadable Bankruptcy Forms added on the Resources page

February 2014 - With the cost of technology dropping all the time, look out for special offer deals where you can cap your monthly phone costs with a package that includes (a) Line Rental (b) Anytime Calls and (c) Unlimited Broadband - the going rate is now
under £25.00 per month
for a 1-year deal. Check out the following providers...

January 2014 - Need cash in a hurry? Find your nearest ATM
Puzzled by Bedroom Tax? - About Housing Benefit and Bedroom Tax
Also About Bedroom Tax document download

October 2013 - Need to know how much Council Tax you owe? View CT balance online
Need the Common Financial Statement spreadsheet? - CFS Spreadsheet (Advisers' version)

August 2013 - School holidays can be an expensive time when children get bored and the pressure is on for an expensive day out at a theme park or trip to London or wherever. However it needn't be like that! Check out this list of possibilities that won't cost the earth.

Also - FREE Early years education places - every 3- and 4-year-old in England is eligible for a free part-time early education place. This means that from the term following the child's 3rd birthday, they are entitled to at least 15 hours/week, for 38 weeks of the year. More about this here...

July 2013 - Smoking harms your finances just as much as it harms your health. According to a survey an average smoker consumes approximately 14 cigarettes every day, at a cost of over £5.00 (1Ĺ packs) which amounts to nearly £35 per week - just think what that would buy instead, in the supermarket every week! Find out how to Quit Smoking...

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