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How we work 

How we work

1 The first thing we'll do is make you an appointment with one of our trained advisers so that we can get a complete picture of your circumstances. At the same time, we will undertake a complete review of your income and expenditure so that together we can create a realistic budget which will ensure you can meet all your various living expenses - hopefully we'll also help you make your money go further. Only after this will we consider what you can afford to pay towards your debts.

If there are other issues as well as debt, such as housing, relationships etc then WKDA may be able to point you in the appropriate direction for other advice and/or support.
2 Once we've built up your Financial Statement, we will, with your permission, speak to your creditors and agree with them a way forward. We will start by prioritising your essential bills such as rent/mortgage, council tax, and utilities. If any legal action has been threatened or started, we'll help you find a way through, and will speak to everyone concerned to resolve the situation. We will then contact all other people you owe money to, and will wherever possible, get them to agree to stop any interest or unfair charges on your account. Working from the budget we will have created together, we will then agree a repayment plan which is fair to both parties, but based entirely on what you can afford.
3 If your circumstances are such that you can't realistically afford to repay your debts within a reasonable timescale, we'll talk to you about other options which may include some form of insolvency such as bankruptcy or a debt relief order. We never take these choices lightly, but we will help you through the process if it is the best course of action for your circumstance - we will even attend court with you if that proves necessary.
4 Once we have agreed a way forward, we will help you set up the agreed payments to your creditors, and will undertake regular reviews with you whenever necessary - especially if your circumstances change.
5 By working with us and sticking to the plan of action we draw up with you, we will support you until you are DEBT FREE, however long that takes. Whenever you need it, you can come back and see an adviser who will help you with any issues you may have.


OUR SERVICE IS COMPLETELY FREE. We make no charges for our help, and receive no payments from creditors. All of our funding comes from the individual donations from members of the churches who support us, and from other charitable sources.

WE HELP ANYONE, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or religion.

WE WORK WITH ALL CREDITORS. Because we are a licensed centre and operate within established guidelines, we are able to work with all creditors - including local councils, housing associations, utility companies, banks and the financial services industry generally - to agree a way forward.

IT'S ALWAYS YOUR DECISION. We will advise and encourage you to take the course of action which our advisers think is best for you in your particular circumstances, but we will not take any decisions for you. At the end of the day, it is your choice as to which course of action you take.

WE CANNOT PAY ANY DEBTS FOR YOU, but we will help you to apply for any benefits or grants you may be entitled to.

CREDIT RATING. Being in debt has consequences, one of which is that your credit rating will be affected. If you work with us and we agree a repayment schedule which differs from what you agreed when you took on a particular debt, it is likely that your credit rating could deteriorate further. This may affect your ability to obtain loans in the future; however, if you are serious about getting out of debt, then future credit should not be necessary.

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