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Getting into debt or experiencing financial difficulties can be a frightening and sometimes bewildering experience. West Kent Debt Advice operates throughout West Kent from its centres in Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells, and has around 100 volunteer advisers who are trained to help people through the process of sorting out their money issues and helping them back on the road to financial stability by providing counselling, advice, and practical help. Despair
What's new There are many reasons why somebody gets into difficulty with money, and whatever you tell us will be treated in the strictest confidence. With your commitment, we will work with you to help you out of debt. Freedom

Getting started

If you have received any of the following:-
Warning Triangle a Bailiffs Letter saying that on such-and-such a date they will call to begin the seizure your household goods
Warning Triangle a Possession Order or Eviction Order for rent or mortgage arrears, or a letter threatening either of these
Warning Triangle a Summons to attend the Magistrates Court or an arrest warrant, for Council Tax arrears, child support, maintenance payments or fines
Warning Triangle a Warrant of Entry or letter threatening to cut off your gas or electricity supply
Warning Triangle a Notice saying that a hire purchase company has repossessed essential goods or is threatening to repossess them
Warning Triangle a Statutory Demand issued by a creditor
Warning Triangle any other court papers in which a court hearing is imminent (next 5 days)
then you should make an appointment with us as soon as possible using the following number for West Kent Debt Advice:-

01732 300425

OR contact your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau

If you already have an appointment with us and want to make an early start on getting your finances sorted out, then you can download the following documents:-

Bullet point About us (1824 KB) - gives details about WKDA, including how to contact us Take the first steps across the bridge
Bullet point Client Agreement (98 KB) - sets out what you can expect of us, and what we ask of you, if we are to help in the most effective way
Bullet point Client Authorisation (99 KB) - this authorises us to deal directly with your creditors on your behalf, without this they will not talk to us
Bullet point List of documents (95 KB) - list of documents (where applicable) to bring with you to the appointment
Bullet point Personal Budget Sheets (91 KB) - Budget Forms which need to be completed in order to produce your Financial Statement
Bullet point List of Basic Bank Accounts (41 KB) - if you have your current account with a bank or building society to whom you also owe money (e.g. a linked loan, or a credit card) it may be wise to open a Basic Bank Account (i.e. one that has no overdraft facility) elsewhere to protect your income. Here is a list of banks who offer Basic Bank Accounts.

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